Wooden Table with Planks


To create a wooden table with wooden planks like the image:

  1. Model the table frame
  2. Use a cube to add asingle plank
  3. Add to this single plank an Array modifier and make a relative offset of 1.010 on the x-axis to leave small spaces between the planks
  4. Then add a Bevel modifier to bevel the edges and make sure to check the harden normals checkbox
  5. In the ‘Object Data Propertires’ make sure to check the Normals – Auto Smooth option
  6. Below are the settings for the Array and Bevel modifiers and the normals – auto smooth option inside the object data properties
Wooden Table
Array Modifier
Bevel Modifier
Normals - Auto Smooth

The texture through the Shading workspace should look like the following:

Wooden Table Texture