Cloth Simulation


To simulate cloth or fabric in BLender, for example in case we need to create a table cloth:

  1. Model the shape where the cloth will be on top of it
  2. Add a plance and you can give the plan some thickness through the ‘Solidify’ modifier and bevel its edges using the ‘Bevel’ modifier
  3. In the ‘Physics’ options mark the model as ‘Collision’
  4. Make sure that the cloth or fabric has enough subdivisions in the ‘Edit Mode’
  5. In the ‘Physics’ options mark the cloth/fabric as ‘Cloth’
  6. Make sure that the cloth is above the model (image #1)
  7. Run the animation and the cloth will fall into its position on the model (image #2)
  8. Note that you can inside the ‘Cloth – Physics’ options mark ‘Collisions – Self Collisions’ to simulate the cloth wrinkles
  9. For the tecture used with this cloth check the below texture nodes
Cloth image 1
Cloth image 2
Cloth Texture