Add Particles (i.e. Water Drops)

  1. Create particles like water drops:
  2. Create the objects to be added as particles, can be several objects with several shapes and sizes
  3. Add material to the objects and don’t foret refractions settings
  4. Group the created objects in one collection
  5. Go to particles settings, create a new particle setting and give it a meaningful name-
  6. Render > Render As Collection & in the collection choose the above created collection
  7. Choose object rotation in the settings and then make sure that the objects’ rotation matches what you need
  8. Finally you can choose the scale and adjust the randomness
  1. Enable advanced settings and in the rotation make the Phase = 1 and you can also randomize the rotation phase

  2. In the emission we can decrease the number of the particles

  3. Under emission > source enable ‘Use modifier stack’ and change the distribution to random